Friday, November 19, 2010


Hi, my name is Lacey!
 I'm a seven week old fawn Great Dane puppy. I came to my new humans four days ago, on the 17th of November, 2010. My main human, the one that I chose, her name is Brittany, and she is helping me write this blog now because I am only little, so I don't quite know how to type properly yet. Brittany is just a young human, sort of like me in human years. She is what big humans call a 'teenager', whatever that means. I have three other humans in my family - Brittany's Mum, Debbie, her Dad, Mike, and her brother Taylor. Dad is lots of fun to play with!!

My mum was a big black Great Dane, just like my dad. She had a big litter, so I had about 13 brothers and sisters, but some of them went to the Big Dog House In The Sky pretty soon, so I had about eight siblings to play with. It was all fun and games until one day my breeder, Aunty Leanne put me, my brothers and sisters and my mum into a big loud machine that moved me without me having to walk!! Aunty Leanne called it a Car. When we finally stopped moving ( the movement of the Big Car Machine made my tummy feel sickie) Aunty Leanne took us out and into a white building. Mum told me it was called a 'Vet', and they checked to see if you were healthy. I was worried about it, but when it was my turn, I got lots of nice pats and treats and even got to play with a toy the Vet man had!! He felt me all over, which I didn't mind because it felt just like a massage, but then he jabbed my neck with something prickly!! It was soo scary!! It was over in a second though, and he went back to patting me and giving me treats. I was still a bit suspicious of him though.

A few days later another Big Car Machine came to my house. Mum and Dad went running out and me and my brothers and sisters came running out too. There was a person there patting my Mum and Dad and then she came over and started playing with us puppies!! After a while she got up and walked away, but I followed her. She started patting me again, and then she got really excited and started hugging me after something the other new person said. This was Brittany's Mum telling Brittany that I could go home with her! I was a bit worried but I really liked Brittany so I wasn't too upset about leaving my brothers and sisters. I was carried into the Big Car Machine and sat at Brittany's feet with some cool air blowing on my face. I felt a bit sickie in the car but we stopped after a while so I could hop out and have a play and some water on some nice grass. After that I was tired out so I slept the whole way.

When I woke up, I was at a place with lots of grass. Brittany carried me up some stairs and put me down inside the house. I was walking around, checking the house out, when I saw something small, black and hissy!! It  was all puffed up and when I went to sniff it, it yowled at me!! Brittany said it was a cat named LBS, and he hadn't seen a dog before, and that I was doing very well to be gentle with him, as it was my first time meeting a cat too!

This place has lots of animals. There are some more cats apart from LBS, some birds which screech alot but don't do much else, some chickens, some cows, and also two big white horses!! I have made friends with one of them, his name is Romeo and Brittany is his Human too! He said that I could share her. He is very big, but the weirdest thing is, everyone keeps talking about how I'm going to be the size of a horse too!! It would be so much fun to be that big, then I could get anything I want!!

Well, that's enough for today, I will leave you with some pictures of my first few days at my new home!!

 This is me in the car on the way home...
 Just after meeting the mean kitty LBS...
 On the couch

 This is my new stuffie, Blobber!

 Telling Brittany she has to carry me down the stairs...

Till next time,
Lacey xx